No Setup Fees for Custom Laser Engraved and Color Printed Dog Tags

custom laser engraved dog tags
LogoTags offers custom laser engraved and color printed dog tags with no setup fees.

LogoTags is the industry expert and industry price leader for custom dog tags, and one of the reasons for this is that our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer many of our dog tags with no setup fees. Some other companies advertise low prices and then add additional setup charges on top of that. Most of our line of custom dog tags do not include setup fees. This includes our Laser Engraved Dog Tags and Color Printed Dog Tags.

Additionally, these two types of tags are produced in our New York factory and can ship out with a very short lead time. Therefore, our tags are not only the lowest priced, they are also the fastest shipped.

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WWII Families for the Return of the Missing and LogoTags Team Up to Sell Dog Tags as Fundraiser for Missing World War II Service Members

Topsham, ME and Mount Vernon, NY – The non-profit organization WWII Families for the Return of the Missing (WWRM) has teamed up with leading custom promotional products manufacturer LogoTags to sell replica military dog tags to raise money for WWRM’s continuing efforts to help the families of over 73,000 missing service members locate and return these heroes to give them a proper burial. The funds will be used to provide the families with archival research items that they would normally have to pay for. It also helps fund much needed research world-wide in the WWII Efforts.

Those who wish to support this cause can visit the WWRM website at, where they will find more information and a link to order the dog tags from LogoTags’ secure website, or they can order direct at The order page has access to a database of the missing that can be searched by the Service Member’s name and provides the name, service, rank, and date of loss that can be entered on the order form for the dog tags. LogoTags will then produce and mail the military-style dog tags with this information embossed on them and a ball chain necklace to the benefactor who placed the order. Proceeds from the sale will go to WWRM.

WWRM was established in 1999 by the families of several of the missing service members after a family advocate group became necessary to help navigate through the complexities of POW/MIA recovery efforts within the United States government. WWRM remains the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to the return of WWII missing so that the families of theses heroes can give them a proper burial. Their work includes providing archival research and documentation from both domestic and international sources to WWII families, working closely with the U.S. agencies involved in POW/MIA affairs and, connecting families with the government agencies involved in their individual case for the missing loved one, connecting families with the resources needed to find resolution on their missing loved one, and where necessary, advocating for change in the accountability of the POW/MIA community.

LogoTags is the custom dog tags division of Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM Corp), which has been supplying ball chains for the U.S. military for over five decades. LogoTags is honored to partner with WWRM and to assist WWRM in its mission to return as many of our missing soldiers from WWII as possible.

Please visit the WWRM website at or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news of our WWII missing.

LogoTags Adds Custom Laser Engraved Dog Tags to Product Line

LogoTags has added custom laser engraved dog tags to its family of custom promotional products. Each tag includes a ball chain necklace manufactured by LogoTags’ parent company, Ball Chain Manufacturing, and the anodized aluminum tags are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The production process allows for highly detailed artwork to be laser engraved into the tag, resulting in an eye-catching and cost-effective promotional product that will draw attention to the customer’s design.

“Laser engraved dog tags are a hot promotional product, and we are thrilled to now have them in our official product line,” said Dawn Milanese, Managing Director of LogoTags. “There are many companies offering custom dog tags right now, but none of them have the experience and expertise that we do, which is why LogoTags has built the reputation of having the highest quality tags, the widest selection, the best service, and the lowest prices in the industry.”

LogoTags is a division of Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), the largest manufacturer of ball chains in the world. BCM was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, where it operates its main production facilities, administrative offices, and customer service operations.

In addition to custom dog tags, LogoTags’ product line includes promotional items of almost every kind, including custom challenge coins, bottle openers, metal tags, lapel pins, silicone bracelets, jewelry, charms, key chains, car magnets, t-shirts, custom apparel, and more.

LogoTags Launches New Line of Teslin® Dog Tags

LogoTags has launched a new line of custom Teslin® dog tags that opens up a world of new possibilities for the promotional products industry. Teslin® substrate is a product of PPG that it describes as a “synthetic paper” that is the preferred plastic for items that require detailed graphics such as security cards, e-passports, radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, and many other products. The use of Teslin® as dog tags will allow for highly detailed graphics and colors to be printed on both sides of the tag, including full-bleed images, and they are great for QR codes and other graphics that can be scanned.

The new line of Teslin® dog tags are priced as low as 39 cents and are manufactured in the United States. The price also includes a complimentary Ball Chain necklace manufactured by LogoTags’ parent company Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), and there are no setup fees for these tags.

“We are very excited to offer these tags for customers who need a cost-effective promotional item with fast turnaround,” Dawn Milanese, Managing Director of LogoTags. “And, because it is from LogoTags, customers can be assured that the tags and ball chain necklace that comes with it are of the highest quality standards in the world.”

LogoTags is a division of Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), the largest manufacturer of ball chains in the world. BCM was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, where it operates its main production facilities, administrative offices, and customer service operations.

In addition to dog tags, LogoTags’ product line includes custom promotional items of almost every kind, including challenge coins, bottle openers, metal tags, jewelry, key chains, apparel, and more. For more information about the company and its products, visit LogoTags at

LogoTags Offering Complimentary Ball Chain Necklaces with Custom Dog Tags

LogoTags, the industry price leader in custom dog tags, is offering a free 24 or 30 inch Ball Chain with each custom dog tag ordered. The Ball Chains are made in the USA at the factory of its parent company, Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), which was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York. BCM is the world’s largest manufacturer of Ball Chain and the only manufacturer of Ball Chain in the United States.

BCM supplied (and continues to supply) the US Armed Forces for decades with the iconic chains used with dog tags worn by American soldiers. Over the years, custom dog tags have increasingly been used as promotional products, and LogoTags continues to be the industry price leader in this category. In addition to the classic embossed text military dog tags, LogoTags can make dog tags with detailed full color artwork through a variety of methods that include offset printing, photo etching with color fill, color printing, die casting, pad printing, as well as no-color options such as diamond engraving and logo embossing.

LogoTags also produces many other custom promotional products such as challenge coins, metal tags, lanyards, bottle openers, silicone bracelets, to name a few, and can create just about any product imaginable.

In addition to the Ball Chain Manufacturing factory in New York, LogoTags has a factory in China that produces millions of promotional products every year. This large manufacturing volume enables the company to offer large pricing discounts over its competitors. And, because LogoTags is a full service manufacturer, it can handle every phase of the project from initial design concept through packaging, storage, and delivery, a convenience that saves time and money. LogoTags’ clientele includes major international corporations, professional sports teams, entertainment companies, and government agencies.

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LogoTags Introduces the PocketPlant™©, A Living Promotional Product

MOUNT VERNON, NY – NOVEMBER 11, 2011 – Now there is a whole new way to promote your company, organization, or cause while also raising awareness for the health of our planet and reminding your customers to be green. The PocketPlant™© is an environmentally friendly key chain acrylic capsule filled with grass seed and fertilizer with your logo printed right on the capsule. This is a great conversation piece that will capture attention and lead to discussion about your company or organization and environmental awareness.

This is not your typical promotional product that will be thrown away shortly after it is distributed. The PocketPlant™© is a living thing that people will carry around and care for while keeping your logo visible. Keep it on your desk, windowsill, in your car, on a necklace – it works pretty much anyplace where there is light. All you need to do is soak it in water once a day or so and watch it sprout. Once the grass starts to grow, it can be re-planted into the earth.

LogoTags created the PocketPlant™© to create environmental awareness with a promotional product. We love this planet and we hope you do too, so show your customers that your company cares as well by giving them a beautiful reminder to think about and care for our planet all the time. Let’s all do our part to promote the health of our planet!

For more information about the PocketPlant™©, visit LogoTags at

Xtreme GagaBands Featured on ABC’s ‘The View’

MOUNT VERNON, NY – NOVEMBER 11, 2010 – The new Xtreme GagaBands™ by LogoTags were featured on the November 10th episode of ABC’s talk show The View during a segment featuring iVolunteer.

iVolunteer ( is a network of journalists who find and write about volunteer opportunities in local communities. The organization recently teamed up with LogoTags ( to kick off a campaign to send a free iVolunteer Xtreme GagaBand™ to people who pledge to volunteer three hours or more now through Thanksgiving.

The episode from The View (11/10, #47) can be viewed at the ABC website at the following link:

LogoTags began supplying GagaBands™ earlier this year and quickly became a leader in terms of pricing, delivery, quality and service. The LogoTag team continued the evolution of the product by offering a “grown-up” version that is 250% thicker, can be printed on, and will hold their shape while being worn.

“LogoTags is pleased to team up with a great organization such as iVolunteer that provides a wonderful service to communities across the country,” says LogoTags General Manager Dawn Milanese. “Organizations such as iVolunteer have realized that Xtreme GagaBands™ are a great way to promote their organization and generate interest in their cause.”

Anyone can order their own Xtreme GagaBands™, which are available exclusively from LogoTags, a world leader in custom marketing and promotional products. For more information about LogoTags and their products, visit

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