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LogoTags Launches New Line of Teslin® Dog Tags

LogoTags has launched a new line of custom Teslin® dog tags that opens up a world of new possibilities for the promotional products industry. Teslin® substrate is a product of PPG that it describes as a “synthetic paper” that is the preferred plastic for items that require detailed graphics such as security cards, e-passports, radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, and many other products. The use of Teslin® as dog tags will allow for highly detailed graphics and colors to be printed on both sides of the tag, including full-bleed images, and they are great for QR codes and other graphics that can be scanned.

The new line of Teslin® dog tags are priced as low as 39 cents and are manufactured in the United States. The price also includes a complimentary Ball Chain necklace manufactured by LogoTags’ parent company Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), and there are no setup fees for these tags.

“We are very excited to offer these tags for customers who need a cost-effective promotional item with fast turnaround,” Dawn Milanese, Managing Director of LogoTags. “And, because it is from LogoTags, customers can be assured that the tags and ball chain necklace that comes with it are of the highest quality standards in the world.”

LogoTags is a division of Ball Chain Manufacturing (BCM), the largest manufacturer of ball chains in the world. BCM was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, where it operates its main production facilities, administrative offices, and customer service operations.

In addition to dog tags, LogoTags’ product line includes custom promotional items of almost every kind, including challenge coins, bottle openers, metal tags, jewelry, key chains, apparel, and more. For more information about the company and its products, visit LogoTags at www.LogoTags.com.